abandoned powerhouse

This old powerhouse sits derelict and gutted, suffering the ravages of time and neglect. Street art has found its way onto the building’s structure and nature is slowly claiming its surroundings and exterior.  This powerhouse is found in Jordan River. 

Jordan River was once a bustling industrial metropolis in the early 1900s. It was home to the timber industry and the building of a hydro-electric power plant. According to the Rural Observer (Issue 2007-003), there was even a 9-piece orchestra in those days.

Abandoned buildings always make for fascinating images, as the photographer captures the structure before it crumbles and collapses. You can get lost in the image, and your imagination can run wild. The powerhouse stands as a testament to a time forgotten and also how time can bring in a modern component (e.g., street art). In processing this image using different tones, colour and contrast, I have tried to create powerful visual effects to bring out different emotions and feelings for the images—from surreal to eerie to classic. Which version do you prefer?

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