behind the lens

Vince’s dad wanted to direct Vince’s abundant energy and began to teach him photography and film development when he was 7 years old. By the age of 9 he was developing his own film and printing his own images. Vince has never looked back. Photography grew from a hobby…to a passion…to who he is.

​Over the years, Vince has continued to study and learn more about photography. All the while, his own unique style began to emerge. Vince has mentored with and attended working courses held by master photographers—Bud Watson, Freeman Patterson and Ansel Adams.

​Vince spent 40 years being a wedding and portrait photographer. He loved capturing emotions and personalities in his images. He is returning to his roots  to take urban and nature photographs, in doing so he will spends hours at a time lost in composition.

​Black and white photography is a particular passion for him; Vince is intrigued by achieving visible detail in the darkest blacks and whitest whites. Texture, light, patterns, abstracts, angles, shadows, reflections, subtleties – all of these capture his attention and appear in his photographs.

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